Here’s to This Summer in Music!

It’s been awhile since my last post, for which I apologize. The semester came to a close, which brought pounds of papers to mark and simultaneously a flurry of performances to give. If you’re wondering, the performance of “Quiccan” with the guitar quartet went reasonably well, with room for improvement, which we’ll continue to work on. Now, aside from two weeks of teaching at a camp for gifted students, my summer is absolutely clear to pursue my continued musical journey. So what do I have in the works?

First I need to set some goals with target dates set in place to make sure that I do what I plan to do. Last week, I took some time and sat down to do so, which was actually short-term goal one. I have two primary summer goals. The first is to launch my solo performance project and the second is to get into the studio to produce a CD’s worth of material. I set a target date for entering the studio the week of August 10th, with an earlier date to book studio time. Ironically enough, the first solo gig I have booked, through a good friend, is the same week, opening for a blues rock band at an outdoor venue on August 13th. So now I have made commitments, including signing a contract for the gig.

This means that I have set a pressure point to push myself to learn and create new material, at the very least enough to fill a forty five minute set, which in itself should be no problem. The reality of it is that when looking from May to August, any goal I set to be accomplished by mid-August is actually a short term commitment, but I’m choosing to look at it as my current long term target given a matter of months.   My mid-range goals at this point are to produce about a three hour range of material so I am self sufficient for local gigging purposes. My longer term goals run toward touring, yes at fifty something, with a two to three hour program and expanding from there.

My ultimate goal is to make a living as a musician. I realize that most people would look at this as a pipe dream, particularly since I’m in my middle years and almost old enough for an AARP card (already had an application come in). I’ve been a musician since I first started learning to play back in 1971. It has been a long journey filled with stops, starts, distractions, successes and failures, but the trek is far from over. I can’t honestly conceive of not continuing at this point, so it’s “once more into the breach” to quote the Bard.

So, this summer I will be updating you all on my progress, what hurdles I encounter, and how I’ve resolved the issues at hand. I’ll review the process behind my decisions and what I’ve done to move things along, whether it worked well or not, and why. I will also do my best to maintain at least a weekly posting rate, sharing what I’m learning as I go along and whatever else I can think of to help you in your journeys as well. Here’s to a productive and fun summer season!


One thought on “Here’s to This Summer in Music!

  1. Chris, I have forwarded many of your blogs to a friend about your age who is paralleling your musical experiences but his first career was something in business. Also forward many to my son who is in business but took up the guitar at 30 and is really enjoying it as a quasi-beginner. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

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