I’m Back!

Here we are and it is mid-September with my first blog post in over a month. Many things have occurred since I last posted running a gamut of experiences, both positive and some not so positive. One of the not so positive things is how far behind the power curve I am on my blog posting, which I must rectify!

Currently I’m in the middle of a period of major changes. The band I’ve been performing with for the past several years just lost its front man due to conflicting goals and various other issues. This has resulted in several gig cancellations and a current search for a replacement, as well as a switch in direction and renaming of the group. All of this takes time, and other factors, such as life changes for some of the members coinciding with this regrouping are also impacting the rapidity of the band’s recovery, but this is one of the challenges of life.

The upside of the band situation is that we still have all the necessary parts to make a band and we can get by vocally for the time being, but none of us have really spent significant time fronting a band vocally. This, of course, provides the opportunity for personal growth for everyone, which is always welcome but does increase the learning curve. We’re also exploring new music for the repertoire, which is a welcome change since some of the material we’ve been performing has been in the stable for quite awhile. My personal view of the situation is that we’ve been handed a huge opportunity to make the band even better than it was, but there is a sense of loss being experienced simultaneously because we were very good at what we were doing.

School has started once again and with that has come my return to teaching college English courses, both writing and literature this semester. My workload is up this time because I’m teaching a lit course I haven’t taught before, which requires quite a bit of reading. Thankfully, I enjoy both reading and the material, Contemporary African American Literature, so I don’t mind the additional prep time. It keeps my brain engaged and provides for a good deal of fun in the classroom discussing ideas and storylines. Good stuff! My kid is also slaving away in her classroom, so she needs to be shuttled back and forth to sixth grade. She’s spending a good hour and a half on homework every night along with her dance classes and other after school projects.

My health saga continues, but at least I finally now know that my heart situation probably won’t be terminating me any time in the near future. They’re still trying to figure out why I have polyrhythms going rather than simply 4/4, but I’m not worrying about whether or not I’ll be around tomorrow anymore which is a relief. I have started a new diet, which eliminates wheat, almost all sugars, and various other things from my meal plan. It is designed to stabilize insulin uptake and drop weight while establishing a very healthy eating practice. I’m also supposed to eliminate milk products, caffeine, alcohol, artificial sweeteners, etc. I’m still having my coffee, yogurt and honey but trying to adhere to everything else as much as I can, as well as taking the recommended supplements and omega-3s. I’ve just started the 2nd week of the process and already have noticed that my clarity of thought and general feelings of well-being increasing, so it has been worth it so far. We’ll see after another couple weeks without the pizza food group.

The classical guitar quartet rehearsals continue and it’s another season of participation with the Chicago Community Classical Guitar Ensemble as well, so things are starting to pick up again musically. Hopefully this will lead to an increase in the number of blog posts I’m churning out, as well as a surge in bookings as well as more to prime the blog writing pump. I guess my month on essay writing in July created a need for a break! Here’s to the Fall of 2015 and more news to come!