Wrapping up my Summer and Looking Ahead

So here it is, just a day short of mid-September and I find that it has been several weeks since I have posted. I have fallen behind in my blogging responsibilities and for this I apologize. During August I did another month long writing challenge, this time focusing on fiction with a minimum of 750 words per day. I succeeded in completing the challenge, hurrah for me, and now am facing the task of going through what I wrote to determine what has legs and what doesn’t. It’s all part of my growing process and also part of being a polymath by nature.

Musically things are moving along as well. I am working with a trio with another guitarist and a harmonica player with whom I’ve done two gigs in the past three weeks. We’re working out the kinks and having fun in the process, which is good. I’ve also done a couple of pickup gigs playing at block parties, once again on guitar. These were fun paying gigs that we were fortunate enough to have good weather for. One of them required me to switch between bass and guitar, using a bass that I finished building this summer. An interesting outgrowth of that gig is that I’ve decided to unretire myself from playing bass. I’ve actually missed it quite a bit, so I traded an acoustic guitar for a mint Carvin SB5000 and got back into a band with it.

This has me currently working on three musical projects, the trio mentioned above, my solo act, and a rock band on bass, while looking for other musical work as well. I’m also trying to launch my writing career plus trying to increase my income potential as well, so I’m trying to book more guitar students. Additionally, on the medical/health side of things, I’m supposed to increase my physical activities, use my light box, and lose weight through the aforementioned exercise and eating better. I’ve got one hell of a lot of irons in the fire, all over the place and needless to say, I’m quite stressed.

My psychiatrist would say that I’m trying to change too many things at the same time, and she’s probably correct. Incremental change generally fosters higher success rates as opposed to my penchant for the shotgun effect (put a lot out there and hope that something hits the target). But I really need to step up my game and make something happen as soon as possible. Stagnant pools breed disease; I need my water to run clean and clear so I’m stirring things up, keeping things moving, and through doing so ensuring that things are interesting as well.

So, here it is, the middle of the ninth month of the year and I’m finally getting back to putting up a much overdue blog post. Usually I try to do more than simply giving an update on my activities, but that’s what I’ve got this time. I’m sticking my nose into the booking and marketing games next, so I’ll probably have something to say about those in the near future. Cheers to late summer and early fall!